Twitter for Your Business

As social media continues to play a big role in the success of most businesses nowadays, more and more companies have added Twitter and the likes to their digital marketing playbook. The said social networking site has developed into an incredibly effective marketing platform that allows business owners to instantly connect with a global audience. Since Twitter is worldwide, your business can have access to millions of users all over the world.

But, how can you really be able to maximize the perks of using Twitter for your business’ sake?

Read on these helpful tips below:

Make your tweets informative and relevant to the business

It is better to have a separate account for your business and don’t mix it up with your personal Twitter account. You can post there tweets about company news and insights and other promotions or upcoming events. Stick to your business account to promote your company or talk about the industry. Doing this could help keep your brand message concise, consistent and valuable to your followers.

Post tweets regularly

Posting tweets on a regular basis could help your business to have a strong following. Users like to get constant updates and up-to-the-second details about their favorite people in Twitter, as well as with topics and companies. That’s the beauty of Twitter. That is why it is important to create tweets that are eye-catching and easy to read on a regular basis. It would be good if you could research on the best times of the day to post some tweets and then create a publishing schedule. Doing this can help maintain consistency in your tweets. When your followers have a steady stream of insightful tweets from you, it could lead to an increase of the chances of getting more retweets and attracting new visitors and followers.

Always promote new content on Twitter

Promoting new blog posts, published articles and other content on your Twitter account can help boost your visibility. Just make sure that you always include a link to your site whenever you promote something new on Twitter so users can be redirected to your site.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose WooCommerce

Online business is definitely booming and more and more business people are relying on the power of the internet for their businesses. With the influx of these online businesses, there is, of course, a need to have an ecommerce application that will be very useful for the business’ website.

If you are into online business or are thinking of establishing one, chances are, you have already encountered WooCommerce. It is a highly functional ecommerce plugin for WordPress that is free and is very easy to use and manage. This application is perfectly suitable for those companies which offer online business transaction to their customers.

Here are the top reasons why you should get WooCommerce:

WooCommerce works perfectly with WordPress

Companies with WordPress-based website will benefit from this. Since WordPress is easy to manage, you can just add-in some new functions and customize your website the way you want it. You just need to have a web domain, a web hosting account and just install the WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress site. This will help you set up your online store quickly and easily.

WooCommerce is easy to expand and grow your store.

Another plus feature of WooCommerce is that is it highly expandable and grows with you as your inventory changes or as your business needs shift. There are a lot of APIs available for you to build your own extensions, plus a large documentation library for those who wants to learn how to do it themselves. With WooCommerce, it is now easier add a new payment option and inventory to your online store. Since WooCommerce is easy to use, there’s no need for technical expertise to use it and it’s one that can be easily expanded to meet the changing needs of the business.

Large Base Support System

WooCommerce has a large user-base and development community, thus, you can always find help whenever you need it. Users also have access to a variety of resources when they have a question about adding new products, adjusting prices or simply adding new functionality. So you don’t need to worry about how to do things or how to make WooCommerce work since there are a lot of available help for you.

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Market Your Website Launch Effectively

Creating a website is just one and marketing your website launch is another thing. For your online business to be successful, you’ve got to do good on both.

Once you’ve done the website design, the next thing you’ve got to think of is how you will promote your website. In order for you to get the most out of your new website, it is important that you have a powerful marketing approach to launch it.

Below are some of the helpful tips for an effective website launch:

Maximize all social media

Before your official site launch, make sure that you’ve already set up your business’ social media accounts and all of them are linked to your websites. It is also important that there is consistency in your site’s branding by using official logos, high quality images and descriptive contents for each profile. Having an organized and consistent social media marketing approach is a surefire way to make an effective website launch.

It will also help if you have a calendar in your content marketing plan of what you will post and when. Scheduling several posts can ensure consistency throughout the launch process. Email marketing can also do wonders for your launch. Just make sure that you have a solid contact list and a great message crafted ahead of time. You can include a motivating call to action and compelling copy in the email to help encourage your readers to visit you.

Offer incentives or promotions

Adding incentives or promotions to your new website could further add up to the hype of your website launch. You can offer special incentives for signing up for your mailing list or create a contest with a prize for visiting your site. Doing this could get more people’s attention and it can help drive new visitors to your new site.

You can also advertise your promotion by sending an email announcement or via social media posts for more exposure.

Make it public

Write a really compelling press release for the launch of your site and send to all possible and appropriate media outlets like local news sources, industry bloggers and technology professionals. You can also sign up on an online press release service that allows for geographic targeting to further increase your chances of hitting the correct demographic. You might need to pay in some of these press release sites but that could be an effective marketing tool for your website launch.

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How To Maximize the Use of WooCommerce

Online business owners and those who are planning to have one is definitely acquainted already to WooCommerce. It is a popular ecommerce plugin that can transform any WordPress site into a thriving and powerful online store. This plugin can definitely help you with business inventory, online payments to name a few.

Here are some of the tips you can make use of to be able to get the most out of your WooCommerce plugin:

Focus on the products

Since your products are what the customers are going to search for and look at when they visit your website, make sure that your images are of high quality and multi-functional. There are some outstanding tools that could make it easier to showcase your products online. Images that are of good quality have a big impact on how customers view your business. Take advantage of some of the latest advanced imaging features like 360 degree views, zoom in and out functionality, as well as live modelling and more for product images that stand out from the competition.

Increase user engagement

In order for you to maximize the impact of your WooCommerce store, you have to involve your customers in the conversations about your products through using product reviews an help desk forums. This helps your rankings in the search engines from an SEO point of view. Furthermore, it is also a great way for customers to interact with you and engage with your brand. Posting your positive customer reviews has a great appeal on your customers.

Provide excellent customer service

Giving your customers excellent and quality service is undoubtedly a great factor in making your business boom and attract more potential customers. Make your WooCommerce store stand out by implementing online customer support plug-ins that make it easy for customers to ask a question or voice a concern. Putting in an instant “chat now” or “contact us” in your website has a good impact on your customers. This type of instant customer service also helps to make the shopping and purchasing process easier as well. When you take the extra step to provide helpful assistance, your customers will surely notice that and they will see that you are indeed after your customer’s welfare and benefit.

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How To Make A Social Media Strategy Work

There is no doubt that social media has the power to make or break a business. Other than helping connect people from all over the world, social media also helps businesses reach their potential customers in a highly targeted way. Moreover, it offers a reliable platform for getting those messages out fast. Thus, a highly focused social media strategy that promotes your message and generates a feeling of community is a must. Most businesses nowadays already include social media in their marketing strategy since it can really be a good win for their business.

We’ve listed down some of the top characteristics of a successful social media strategy to help your business:

Simple, consistent and focused social media strategy

There are some important practices in social media that you should apply to help your business. A key element in this strategy is to provide an easy to digest information that is specifically tailored for your target customer. The same as with print marketing and digital advertising, your social media campaigns need to have enough content to generate interest in your product or services. Scheduling a good and relevant content all the time is very important to attract and maintain a strong audience. Users like to see new content on a regular basis. Make sure to align your contents and dates to publish it to your internal marketing campaigns for new products, new store launches or other big events.

Grow your base with an effective social media strategy

Just by simply posting few relevant tweets or starting a lively discussion on Facebook, you can already grow your user base organically. The best social media strategies leverage this powerful way of finding customers and use it to their advantage. You can use the social media to create a strong community that can help draw an even larger pool of visitors to your site.

Remember that social media strategies that are used in the right manner can very well make a huge positive impact to your business.

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How To Get The Most Out of Your Google Analytics

Just how important can a Google Analytics get?

For bloggers and online business owners, Google analytics is very essential especially that it helps monitor website visitor statistics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analytics tools for today’s business owners. It is a powerful application that integrates seamlessly with most websites, which includes those built on WordPress platform. Furthermore, Google Analytics helps generates the data you need to make more informed decisions about design, content and usability.

Although Google Analytics may come off as quite challenging for those who are new to tracking site activity, but it could be easy-breezy once you’ve mastered the basic tips we’ll give you.

Think Long-Term

Sure it’s helpful to track your user traffic and site’s activity for a few weeks or even a month but it is better to have at least 3-6 months of data to really identify key trends in user behavior. Through Google Analytics, you can have a report on long time frames, which could further allow you to get a clear picture of how visitors are using their pages and navigating their site.

Go Deep With Visitor Details

Website tracking does not only involve looking at how where your visitors come from, it also includes how people are finding your site. Deep dive into your analytics by looking at where your visitors come from by checking their location details and taking a look at which search engines are giving you the best results. You can also identify trends in user behavior which include how long users stay on your site and which pages they visit most often. When you are keen on the trends in user behavior, you can start making tweaks to content, design and functionality to further improve the overall experience of your visitors.

Track keywords

Tracking keywords is very essential for your site’s SEO status. Implementing SEO through the use of long and short tail keywords and tracking their progress in Google Analytics is still an effective way to increase site traffic. For you to further get the most out of your Google Analytics keyword functionality, it is important to look at which keywords visitors are searching for by checking your site’s search engine referrals. If you optimize your titles and other content with the specific keywords that location and industry specific, your site’s visibility will increase. Moreover, make sure that you also keep up with how your content performs. You can use Google Analytics to track how successful your keywords are in terms of attracting new visitors and increasing conversions.

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How Can Twitter and Google Help Your Business

News about the partnership between Google and Twitter has been going around the world wide web for some time now. This leaves a lot of social media users wondering how it could affect their social media strategy. There are no clear details yet of this new partnership between the giants of search and social media, aside from the fact that Google now has real-time access to user’s tweets. If before, users crawl to Twitter for content and presenting older results, now Google can show tweets in real-time, right along with their normal search results. This could further give business owners some interesting new marketing opportunities that they should definitely take notice of.

Although there are no specifics yet on this partnership, we’ve listed down some of the possible advantages and well, setbacks, we could get from this partnership:

Real-time Marketing

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this partnership between Twitter and Google is that our tweets now could be indexed live in search results and that definitely means real-time marketing opportunities for those who want to expand their online exposure beyond just their Twitter followers. It could further increase online presence for online businesses and they can just promote and market their products or services through tweeting it. Using content that is optimized with the right keywords with impactful calls to action will help tweets shop up more often when potential customers search for services or products like yours.

The Risks

While the partnership between these two giants poses good benefits, there could also be a little risk in here. Since there is a real-time exposure of tweets in search results, it means that anything you put out there will be instantly searchable and potentially viewed by a huge audience. It could also mean that your tweets will no longer be just for your followers’ viewing. Thus, if you say anything that puts your company in a negative light, it could end up showing up in search results for your business on a long term. With that, make sure that you are always careful in posting tweets.

Through these pros and cons about the Twitter and Google partnership, users can have an idea on how to use their Twitter smartly to promote and market their business and to veer away from tweets that could or might damage your company’s reputation.

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Effective Ways To Increase Website Traffic

A good web traffic is a must especially if you want to increase your online presence in the market. Online business owners gauge their online presence through knowing the status of its website traffic. There are actually a number of ways to promote your website and your business to a large audience. Following these tips could very well help you attract more clients or customers to check out your products and/or services.

Provide Valuable Content

Having a good content in your website is a must and is very important. Publishing a content that is relevant to your business could very well increase site traffic. You can include a helpful blog in your website which your visitors and prospective clients can check out to know more about your products or services. You can also publish a free e-book and offer up your own tips and advice on social media. You can also promote your new write-up or post in your site on various networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, you can also join forums and comment on various posts about some topics related to your industry or business. Doing these things could very well drive traffic to your site.

Use effective CTA (call to action)

Having a good Call to Action or CTA is surefire way to increase traffic to your site. If you have a strong CTA on all social media posts, blog posts and on each page of your website, it could help people know that you have something to offer and makes it easy for them to find it.

What comprises a good CTA?

A good CTA should include clear instructions for the next steps. It should statements like “sign up for our email list here,” or download our free whitepaper” along with a large button for users to click. In doing so, you can make it easier for your users and visitors to sign up for a subscription or learn more about your services. If you give people a reason to visit your site, it could further lead to increased visibility of your site.

Have a good website design

One way to increase visits to your site is to make sure that your website has a good layout and design. Most users are attracted to good website design and they prefer visiting websites that are pleasing to the eyes and easy to navigate. A site that is well-designed and easy to navigate will encourage visitors to stick around and utilize your services. If you are not much into web designs, consider hiring a professional website company since they know very well what to do with your site.


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Chrome for Windows Fixes Font Problems

The issues about the appearance of some of the fonts in Google Chrome on Windows have been a problem amongst web developers all over the world. They complain about the jagged, fuzzy and sometimes weird-looking texts that appears in the Windows version of Chrome.

What seems to be the problem?

According to experts, this issue with fonts and texts is due to the holdover from the Webkit days which makes the browser use the Windows GDI or graphics device interface to render fonts. Haplessly, it doesn’t seem to do a very good job. Because of that, Microsoft introduced DirectWrite, which is a replacement for GDI’s font rendering and is suitable for Windows 7. Chrome, however, still has yet to implement it although some of its competitors have already jumped on the bandwagon and started using DirectWrite.

Yet, Chrome loyals should not bother much about it even if Chrome hasn’t implemented the new tool yet since the latter’s recently released version 35 has introduced an experimental flag to enable the use of DirectWire. Although it’s not a standard feature yet, but the fact that a working implementation already exists very well makes this extra exciting and adds sparks of hope for Chrome fanatics.

How to enable DirectWrite:

  1.  Open Chrome and paste this URL into your address bar: Chrome://flags/#enable-direct-write
  2.  The DirectWrite flag should be the first one visible at the top of the window. Click “Enable.”
  3.  Chrome will prompt you to relaunch the browser with a button at the bottom left. Just follow it.
  4.  Enjoy fonts smoother!

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Where To Download Google Fonts

Downloading Google fonts is now made easy-breezy via some sites that provide downloadable fonts for use in Photoshop mockups. These web fonts are posted in Google’s project repository for the Font Directory. You can just right click on the font files and choose “save link as” to save this font in your computer.

Check out these links below:



  • Crimson Text – from Author’s Website – kind of hidden, the link is on the rightmost column called “The Files”, it looks like he’s posted bold and roman (no ttf in there for italic). Updates are on the way apparently.










  • Nobile – from Author’s Site – click on the download link in the right column- it takes you to a directory listing where you can find normal, bold, italic and bold italic.





  • Tangerine – Cannot Locate
    Cannot locate this font- if you know where to download it please let me know.



Enjoy your downloads!

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How to build Great Landing Pages



Since more and more consumers are using smartphones and tablets to view or browse web contents these days, your landing page design has to adapt to a new type of user experience. Use a Responsive Design style that has the most seamless experience across all devices and platforms to make your landing pages more effective. If your landing page is simple, has a clean style and provides an easy-breezy browsing experience regardless if it’s being viewed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, then your chances for success will be higher.


Images, videos and graphics play an important part in the design of the landing page. Putting these elements in your landing page will surely attract more appeal and attention to the users. When you have a powerful video or eye-catching infographic in your landing page, it can generate a connection between your readers or site visitors and your message. Furthermore, adding in some graphical elements with emotional headlines and customer testimonials could also help attract visitors to your site.




An adaptive landing page that can be used across multiple platforms could very well generate traffic on a variety of channels. When you make a landing page that can also be published as a blog post, you can easily promote this in the company’s social media accounts, too. You don’t need to make another write-up or design for the newsletter or for the e-book if you’re planning to make if your landing page is adaptive enough since you can just repurposed it to fit whatever format or platform. This will save you more time and could maximise your investment in design work.

Creating a powerful and eye-catching landing page is one surefire way to help boost your online business. The key is to follow these tips aforementioned above, utilize a great design, add a compelling content and maximize your exposure if you want to achieve impressive results. Check out more for Landing Page Optimization

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Best SEO Practices for Your Online Presence

There are a lot of ways to make your online presence felt, but as many have said, SEO still tops the group. Various studies have shown that search engine users are still more likely to give importance to the top five pages they see. With this, you can see how big the impact of a great SEO to one’s business is.

Keep on reading and we will be giving some of the best SEO practices that you could incorporate to your online marketing to make sure you maximize your digital reach. 

Tips to Getting the Best out of SEO

Making sure your SEO is working for you is definitely a hard work, but it is not impossible. There are a lot of companies that have grown over the years because of their dedicated SEO strategies.

Although same with everything else, there is no standard template that works for everybody, but fortunately, there are some already “tried-and-tested” tips that have proven their effectiveness over the years that you could incorporate in your own SEO plans. Here are some:

  1. Make sure you have a great content. Having a relevant, updated, and fun content is definitely what separates you from the rest. It gives you an edge over others and makes you stand out from the sea of the SEO world. As you may know, people nowadays have smaller attention span so make sure that your content is worth their while. Opening sentences should be captivating and should already be telling of what you want to say so you could easily captivate the attention of your audience. Struggling Content marketing is also very necessary beside having great and relevant content.
  2. Know the right keyword to use. For the SEO to work, you must know which keywords best fits your business, so it reaches the right target audience. Identify these keywords ( try Google keyword Planner ) and use them appropriately. Do not shower your SEO with your keywords as people are now more meticulous on what they see and read.
  3. Get to know your target market. As with any marketing strategy, it is always advisable that you take time to know your market. With this, you know how you could much easily proceed in your content marketing and search for right keywords. You can identify which content are interesting to them, and from there, have an idea on how you could better cater to them. Having a better look on your audience could give you much better insight on how you could lay out your SEO strategy.

As said, these are just some of the best SEO practices that you should take into consideration. The digital world is fast changing, but these tips have time and time again proven themselves to yield positive results. 

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